Brand Identity System


Desi Fotu House

This is a photography venture showcasing India and eventually doing online photo banking.

The task here was to create a logo and brand identity system that reflected in all its print materials and finally its website. The logo has a very Indian flavor with the use of Devanagiri script letters. The lens in the middle suggesting the click of a camera is iconic for photography. These treatments make the logo complete in its representation of an Indian photography venture.

  • dfh1

    Brand logo represents the Indian origin by using letters from the Devangiri script for “f”, “t” and “u”. The letter “o” is transformed into a camera lens. All this together represents the core essence of this India based photography company.

  • dfh2

    Example of the company stationery includes letterhead, envelope and business card

  • dfh3

    Home page of the company website where photo corners is used as a graphic symbol that transforms itself in different context on the page links.