Marketing Brochure


Haute Street Luxury Mall

Haute Street is one of the first luxury malls intended to open in Kolkata, India. It is meant to house the top luxury brands in fashion and home.

This marketing brochure was designed to attract luxury brands to open their stores in the mall. Every section of the brochure is flavored with wit and humor. Extravagant photo shots with graphic symbols give it a lighthearted spirit with chic and style. The right page of the first spread is translucent so the image in the second spread can be faintly seen.

  • hst1

    Page layout of 2 spreads of Women’s Wear. The use of ornate graphic symbols complete the look of haute couture.

  • hst2

    Page layout of 2 spreads of Men’s Wear. Illustration of a tie as a graphic symbol is used for this section.

  • hst3

    Page layout of 2 spreads of Cosmetics. The use of mirror as a graphic symbol for this section completes the look.

  • hst4

    Page layout of 2 spreads of Home Furnishings and Lighting. The use of light and dark color pages implies what this department will stock in the mall.

  • hst5

    Page layout of 2 spreads of Bed and Bath. Stripes suggesting bed sheets on the translucent page and picture frame and feathers on the first page are used as graphic symbols for this section.

  • hst6

    Page layout of 2 spreads of Kitchenware. Playful illustrations of glasses, plates and kettles are used for this section.

  • hst7

    Page layout of 2 spreads of the Food Court. Playful illustrations of food produce from fruits and vegetables to dairy and meat products are overlapped into a soupy translucent page that faintly shows the image behind.