Annual Report


New York Asian Women’s Center

New York Asian Women's Center is a non-profit organization that helps Asian women in New York City overcome violence and live a safe and independent life. This annual report for 2005-06 celebrates 25 years of their success.

The vibrant purple of the NYAWC identity color has been used with bright orange to bring out the mood of festivity and celebration. The backdrop was set with illustrations and children's paintings created in their shelters.

  • nyawc1

    Cover layout of the annual report with an illustration of a falcon, the center’s corporate symbol.

  • nyawc2

    Page layout showing the treatment of text inspired by dialog bubbles; and the use of corporate colors purple and orange.

  • nyawc4

    Page layout of the center’s timeline using the children’s illustrations as a back drop.

  • nyawc4

    Page layout of the financial pages